Lektionen / Lessons

Lecture series
The new format Lektionen / Lessons offers contexts and background information on the artworks of the exhibitions in the Paintings Gallery.

Series of lectures on the exhibition The Purloined Masterpiece. Images as Time Machines

14.10.2022, 18 h
Paintings Gallery

Gabriele Mackert
Chronicler of the Seas. About Allan Sekula’s  Marea negra: Fragmentos para una ópera


9.11.2022, 18 h
Paintings Gallery

Bernhard Siegert
The Second Day of Creation. The Romantic Seascape between Painting and Physics


14.12.2022, 18 h
Conference Room

Sandra Hindriks
Optical Illusions as Tests. Painting around 1500 in the Interplay of Sensual and Intellectual Experience


18.1.2023, 18 h
Paintings Gallery

Anna-Sophie Berger und Teak Ramos
Advice you can take


26.1.2023, 18 h
Conference Room

Victor I. Stoichita
The Nervous Statue. On the Pygmalion Iconography in the Eighteenth Century


Joos van Cleve, The Holy Family (detail),
c. 1520–1530
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