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Lektionen / Lessons

In the format Lessons, a new series of events on the exhibition The Purloined Masterpiece. Images as Time Machines authors of the catalogue and others as well as artists of the exhibition will provide insights into various thematic areas.

Lectures by Sandra Hindriks, Gabriele Mackert, Bernhard Siegert, Victor I. Stoichita and the artists of the exhibition Anna-Sophie Berger and Teak Ramos and others.

Dates, time 18:00 h. 

14 October 2022: Gabriele Mackert

9 November 2022: Bernhard Siegert

14 December 2022: Sandra Hindriks

18 January 2023: Anna-Sophie Berger and Teak Ramos

 26 January 2023: Victor I. Stoichita

Lecture series

Opening hours
Daily except Monday

T +43 (1) 588 16-2201
F +43 (1) 588 16-2299